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Maybe it's a little complicated.
Some songs, like the turn of the friendly card by alan parson is divided into 5 sub-songs.
Usually these songs, if they have not been divided before, are merged into a single track, even by importing them from the CD.
What I wonder and wonder: it is not possible, through tags, to divide these tracks by telling MB at which point of the track to start a certain piece and contextually create the tag for those tracks that will be moved slightly to the right of the main tracks.
Maybe in pop music it's quite rare to have to split tracks but in classical music it would be really important.

Mr. Trev

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I'm not 100% certain, but I think about the only way to do this would be to use a cuesheet. This way the cuesheet would point to the different movements in a single music file.

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You could also search this board and look for topics dealing with chapter support.
While I believe @Steven has implemented it for a specific file type, maybe he's open to exploring more options in the upcoming v3.6.