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<Artist: Guest> is not showing up among the selectable fields within the "Replace with:" box (red arrow) whereas it is selectable in the "Search for:" box.

In Musicbrainz, featuring artists were included in the title in the past (as displayed on the CD tray for example).  However, they recently changed their policy to move that info in <Artist>, as seen in the following (<Artist> - <Title> format):

Before Musicbrainz change: Artist - Title (feat. Guest Artist)
After Musicbrainz change: Artist feat. Guest Artist - Title

The change is necessary for Musicbrainz's db purposes but it leads to sorting issues if one sorts by <Artist>.  I've been trying to do the following with "Foo feat. Bar - Title"

Example (<Artist> - <Title>): Foo feat. Bar - Title
From Musicbrainz:
<Artist> = Foo feat. Bar
<Title> = Title

<Artist> = Foo
<Artist: Guest> = Bar
<Title> = Title (feat. Bar)

This is shown below.  I cannot complete the Replacement because <Artist: Guest> is not selectable among the fields available within the "Replace with:" box.

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its the limitation of mb api, but there is a workaround: try to write all involved people to 'artist' tag, split them by '\@char(0)' function and add function '\@char(1)' *before* the name of guest artist.