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Hi, guys,

I have a question about one formula for auto-organizing files. Is it possible to set the template editor to auto-organize files if one of the fields is null? I want to do something like :

if the artist field is empty - tags are to be overwritten from the filename as <title> so later I can infer them as <artist>-<title>
but if the artist field has an artist - so I can overwrite them directly as <artist>-<title>

I hope you understood what I'm trying to say. I want to organize my big library as easily as possible, but those formulas are not from my strong side. The thing is that some of the files are not named as they should and If they are - then the tags aren't. Can I do this in one formula or would I need more than one command or button to do it? If anyone has some alternative method for this - would be great if he shares it.


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try to use in organization formula $IsNull(<Artist>,<Filename>,<Artist>) instead of <Artist>.

don't use it for auto-organization, only for manual organization (tools> organize files), and only once! preview results before procceeding. then immediately infer missing artist tags from filenames.
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