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I have used Advance Search and Replace to extract remixers from the track titles in order to add them to the Artist tag. It worked fine

but (the problem now) in order to see the newly added artist I have to go through a tiresome process of opening the Multiple artist splitter and clicking steps 1 & 2 (screenshot attached) for the added artist to be shown & recognized by the library,

in the screenshot above, the extracted artist is "Denis Kenzo" (see the track tittle) but it is not shown in the MB "artist: artist" column until I click 1. update and then 2. save.

IS THERE ANY WAY TO AUTOMATE THOSE 2 LAST CLICKS? I can't do it manually for 11,000 songs %uD83D%uDE23

I usually use a program called GS-Autoclicker, it record mouse click and the position on the screen (basically automate those last 2 clicks) but it's not fast enough and it crushes MB multiple times if I have a list of 500+ songs to be clicked.
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it's working fine for me if i extract artists from title as "artists" (not as "guest artists" or "performers", etc.). also, there is no preinstalled asr preset to do this (to extract artists as "artists", not as "performars", etc.).

update plugin:

open asr, import all or import new asr presets.

try to use preset "Extract artists from track title and add them to 'Artist' tag - 'Title <Custom text 1> <Artist1> <Custom text 2> <Artist2>' format".

NOT "Extract featured artists from track title and add them to the (Guest) 'Artist' tag - 'Title <Custom text 1> <Artist1> <Custom text 2> <Artist2>' format".
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