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Why does selecting Album and Tracks for display create multiple listings of the same album with tracks all dispersed but if you go to just Album, then the whole set of tracks is withing the album. I want to see an Album with all the tracks listed beside them, not a whole bunch of albums that I have to hunt around for to find missing tracks etc. Wrong setting somewhere?


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Yep, it will be an issue with your tags, panel settings, or both, but without a screenshot or two it will be hard to offer a specific solution.
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If <album artist> is empty then MB assumes <album artist> equals <artist>. Thus if you have multiple artists on an album, MB sees those artists as album artists and treats each as a separate album. This would be the case of compilation albums for example. Make sure <album artist> is the same data for each album. If a compilation, use something like Various Artists as the <album artist>.
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That sounds like you have 'Sort by' for the Album and Tracks panel set to something different than 'Album'.