Author Topic: improve status bar for file operations  (Read 3243 times)


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For operations with many files (e.g. mass-tagging, volume analysis etc)
it would be nice to have a better status bar than the current one at the bottom.

A graphical percentage overview at least, with an estimated remaining time at best.
(Something, that lets you know that MusicBee is in fact working.)

It could be a floating window (with cancel button).

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i agree but i will leave this to later in the year as its not as simple as it might sound.
for now, you can cancel by clicking the x icon on the left of the status bar when a background process is running, a waiting icon displays to the right of the cancel button which indicates the process is still running and the remainder of the status bar has a message indicating what it is doing.
you can double-click on the status bar to open the dialog box that shows a history of what files have been processed