Author Topic: adding album art wipes out all my track art, what am I doing wrong?  (Read 322 times)


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Hey there,  Just getting started with MusicBee and really happy with how intuitive it is except for one thing, album & track art.
I have a bunch of collections I've put together and I'd like to have a specific piece of art for the album when I see it in the album list and I'd like to see the individual track art when the track plays.
I expect that for the album art I should store it in same folder with the name 'cover.jpg' and with each track I embed the individual art in the track.
However as soon as I link the album to the 'cover.jpg' file it embeds that 'cover.jpg' art into all of the tracks in that folder.
I can now go back and embed the individual track art which leaves the album art unchanged that is until I change the first track and then the album art changes to the first track art.
Unfortunately if I decide to change the album track I wipe out all the track changes and i have to start again.

I've got to be doing something wrong :(

Thanks for any help.

Cheers, Larry

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Can you provide a screenshot of your settings from Preferences -> Tags (1)?