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Musicbee does a good job of automatically downloading lyrics for songs in my library. Too good, in fact, because they appear instantly when playback begins, and I have no (apparent?) way of knowing that the lyrics have been downloaded, versus being read from within the audio file.
I prefer to embed lyrics within the files; call it part of my general aversion to being dependent on cloud services  ;D . I like to think that if I lose Internet access, or such-and-such lyrics server goes down, I'll still be able to view song lyrics for my collection.
So right now, as I play tracks, I'm having to check each one, and right-click -> "embed displayed lyrics" where necessary. Which is kind of a pain.

Would it be possible to have some visual indication within the Musicbee UI, that lyrics are local- versus cloud-sourced? Maybe a color coding, or a heading at the top of the lyrics pane?

EDIT: OK, I am dumb, I just noticed that when you right-click on the lyrics pane there is a small "Lyrics Source: Embedded in music file" heading on the context menu. So, technically, my request is already answered. May I modify it? Could the "Lyrics Source" be made a little more prominent? By the time I've right-clicked on each song's lyrics to check their source, it's only one more click to "Embed Displayed Lyrics into music file", so having the source info in the context menu doesn't really save any time.
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How about if <Lyrics Source> was available to be displayed in Track Info?
If that solution is suitable I would up vote it.
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You can set MB to automatically embed retrieved lyrics to the file.  This way the downloaded lyrics become embedded lyrics, eliminating your issue.
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You can also hover over the artwork in the tag editor or the left sidebar, and probably other places (but not in Album View or Albums & Tracks View) and you'll see a popup that shows if the artwork is embedded and/or the filename.
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