Author Topic: "QUEUE NEXT" Does not add Tracks to the queue  (Read 487 times)


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MusicBee v3.5.8296.28325D  (Win10.0)

Steps to reproduce the error:
1. select music tab
2. click on the header menu of "playing tracks" panel
3. select upcoming tracks
4. add 2 tracks (or more) to the track list
5. select the 2nd track in the playing tracks panel list
6. right click on the selected track
7. click queue next

expected behavior: add duplicate of the track to the queue
actual behavior: nothing is added to the queue

This problem does not appear in "now playing" tab


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When using Queue Next from the Upcoming Tracks view can have some non-obvious effects when shuffle is off because the tracks in-between the current playing and the queued track are skipped.
I dont plan to improve that as it involves a substantial rewrite, so wont make any changes for this issue.

You are better off managing the queues using the Playing Tracks view


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It's ok  ;)  it takes more clicks to do the job :'(  but it's still manageable  :P
anyhow thanks for the reply. :)