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Due to problems with authenticating to from MusicBee, I had several unscrobbled songs. Since it is now finally working again (after 6 weeks), I hoped they will get scrobbled now. But I saw in the scrobble-log that the songs were ignored:
"16.11.2022 21:39:36 - ignored - no reason provided:"

Is there something I can do to actually get them scrobbled?

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The Scrubbler will allow you to scrobble tracks missed within the last two weeks.


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Thank you very much, I didn't know there are tools to scrobble manually or by parsing CSV files etc. But I already thought, that MusicBee didn't scrobble the songs because the scrobbles were older than several weeks.

I wrote a small Python script to extract the infos in the MusicBee LastFM Cache and write it into csv, which can be consumed by the tool you mentioned. Everything worked as expected, thank you very much!

If someone is interested in the script, find the source code below:
Python script to extract scrobble information from MusicBee LastFmScrobbleCache.dat file and convert it into csv.
The csv file can then be consumed by the tool " Scrubbler".

Author: Selevra
Date: 19.11.22

import csv
from datetime import timedelta, datetime

class MusicBeeCache:
    def __init__(self, artist, song, album, album_artist, timestamp, duration_ms):
        self.artist = artist = song
        self.album = album
        self.album_artist = album_artist
        dt = datetime.fromtimestamp(timestamp/1000000000*2)
        self.timestamp = dt.strftime('%m/%d/%Y %H:%M')
        self.duration = str(timedelta(seconds=int(duration_ms)/1000))
    def __str__(self):
        return (
            f"Artist: {self.artist}\n"
            f"Song: {}\n"
            f"Album: {self.album}\n"
            f"Timestamp: {self.timestamp}\n"
            f"Duration: {self.duration}"
    def to_csv(self):
        return [self.artist,self.album,,self.timestamp,self.album_artist,self.duration]

def read_cache_file(path):
    with open(path, mode="r", encoding="utf-8") as f:
        lines = f.readlines()
    lineIdx = 0

    entries = list()
    while lineIdx < len(lines):
        entry = MusicBeeCache(
            artist = lines[lineIdx].strip(),
            song = lines[lineIdx + 1].strip(),
            album = lines[lineIdx + 2].strip(),
            album_artist = lines[lineIdx + 5].strip(),
            timestamp = int(lines[lineIdx + 6].strip()),
            duration_ms = lines[lineIdx + 7].strip(),
        lineIdx += 9
    print(f"Extracted {len(entries)} unscrobbeled songs from cache file")

    return entries

def write_to_csv(path, scrobbels):
    with open(path, "w", encoding='UTF8', newline='') as f:
        writer = csv.writer(f, delimiter=',')
        for s in scrobbels:

filepath = "LastFmScrobbleCache.dat"
scrobbels = read_cache_file(filepath)

start_idx = 0
for idx in range(POSSIBLE_DAYS):
    out_filepath = f"csv/out_{idx}.csv"
    scrobbles_for_day = int(len(scrobbels) / 14 + 1)
    write_to_csv(out_filepath, scrobbels[start_idx:start_idx+scrobbles_for_day+1])
    start_idx += scrobbles_for_day + 1

Topic can be closed!

Improvement idea:
Add information to MusicBee lastfm-log file why the cached scrobbles where ignored => they were to old