Author Topic: Can I get this simple file-explorer type folder view layout?  (Read 368 times)


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Hi guys, I have been using Winamp for the past 20+ years and am new to MusicBee. Question please :

The attached screenshots show my very simple "file explorer" - type view that am using with Winamp (Dynamic Library plugin) & ClassicPro skin.

- As you can see there is no album art but on the left pane it shows my music folders exactly how I have them named & sorted on my hard drive
- And on the right pane are the tracks that are in those folders when they are clicked open in the left pane. Hence I guess it's exactly like a file explorer.
- So the left side shows all the folders & the right sides shows all the tracks; so simple and nice (for me)

So I have been trying to get something at least close to this view using MusicBee but wow, I have not been having much success because darn it I am getting old and just can't figure this stuff out so easy anymore  :(  Please I am begging you to 1) let me know if something at least close to this view is possible with MusicBee and 2) how to do it?

Thank you kindly


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Hello geodo5, and welcome.

Yes, it's possible, since MB is highly configurable.

1st PHASE: select the panes to display.

* Open a new tab (+).
* Go to MusicBee menu -> View -> Arrange Panels...
For each screen pane, you can remove unwanted elements by unticking them, or adding others by drag-and-drop from the list on the right side.
* In 'left sidebar', keep 'folder browser'.
* In 'main panel', keep only 'files'.
* Remove all the elements present in 'left main panel' and 'right main panel'.

2nd PHASE: adjust the pane contents

* In the left window pane, open any music folder.
* In the right pane, right-click on the header and select 'Tracks' view.
* Right-click anywhere on the column headers and select 'Set Displayed Fields...'.
* You can then keep only Filename, Artist, and Bitrate.

As you have already noticed, there are a lot of possibilities...
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Thanks karbock for your kind reply. I am following your instructions and yes I can see I am getting closer to the view I wish to achieve but whenever I close the MusicBee app and then restart my custom tab is gone even though I pinned my custom tab & also selected full navigation lock  :-(  I even went into preferences and clicked SAVE but when I reopen MusicBee after closing it my custom tab is GONE!

EDIT : This turned out to be a bug in portable 3.4 so if anyone else is reading this you need to upgrade to 3.5 (thanks steven)
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