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I am a new user having moved from VLC.  I have many MP3 tracks and I assign a title and picture using MP3tag.  Sometimes with VLC tracks would play with the wrong meta data; if this happened I would find a folder called "VLC arturl" - deleting this would cause VLC to respond to the changes made in MP3tag.  I have had a similar situation with Musicbee and found how to amend the data for that specific track whilst it was playing.  However, I was wondering whether there exists a data file (as per VLC) that I could simply go in and delete.

I am not at all techie so hope that makes sense and thanks for any thoughts.


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The information MusicBee shows you about a track either comes from the tags within the file itself, or from a single database file that stores information about every track in your library.
There is no magic file you can delete to update the details of a single incorrect track.

If you're having specific problems with incorrect track details, you should provide an example of what is wrong and ask for help on fixing that. There's lot of ways to update track details, and the 'proper' way is probably going to be easier anyway.
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vincent kars

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Almost all media players use the same strategy. As it is very time consuming to read tags from audio files, they simply scan them all and store the tags in a database. Querying a database is far more efficient than scanning all those files. A logical consequence is that the content of the tags in the audio files and the values in the database should remain equal. If you tag inside Musicbee, this is easy to solve. Write the new values to both database and file.

If you use a third party tool like MP3Tag, this won't work as MP3Tag write tags only.
So you must use Musicbee to sync.
This can be done by Edit > Preferences > Library. Configure Musicbee to monitor the folders at startup or continuously.
Likewise if you have doubts about the values in a track, Select the track(s) , Right Click > Send to > File rescan


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Many thanks for both the replies - being a newbie to this forum they went into my external spam and I only got the advice this am.

Because there is a "magic" folder in VLC I had wondered if Musicbee was the same - obviously not.  Using the info kindly provided I will look into getting it to sync.

Thanks again


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There is another way to synchronize MB's library (= database) with your music files.

Press [Insert] (equivalent to: Main MB menu -> File -> Scan folders for  new files...)
-> MB will search your music folders for files having been added/modified since the previous scan.

Prerequisite: the monitored folders must be defined in your preferences.
Press [Ctrl+O] (equivalent to: Main MB menu -> Edit -> Edit preferences...)
-> Library
-> monitored folders
-> Choose folders...


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Thanks karbock, another approach to try - appreciate the help