Author Topic: Ability to put Lyrics into the main panel, not just the side panels  (Read 604 times)


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Hey, I've found that you can only set lyrics to the side panels.

Would it be possible to allow it to be dragged into a main panel?

And further, would it be possible to pick the background color of the lyrics to match the album art like the bottom bar with the play/pause/skip/time can be?

And even further, would it be possible to incorporate something like Spotify does to highlight the current line on the lyrics? They grab this from Musixmatch.

Here's a bit of what the spotify one looks like for reference;

I enjoy having a bigger view of my lyrics, and would like it's functionality to be expanded on a bit.


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Lyrics can't be displayed in the main panel.

In order for the current line to be highlighted you need to use synchronized lyrics. There aren't that many sites that provide them  although I do recall someone mentioning a site a week or two ago, so do a forum search. MiniLyrics is one site I'm aware of that integrates well with MB.
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that's a good feature to implement. even without lyrics sync. I think it could work.
I think the best way to implement is by replacing the artwork in now playing tab.