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Ok...maybe this will make it easier... can the action of pressing the X simply open a small window "Close MusicBee" "Are You Sure?" YES/NO.

Many programs have this option in order to avoid accidental closure. It would also resolve many issues where continuous play is required and accidental closing of the program needs to be avoided.  8)


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Can we please not have clicking close minimise to tray, it's close for a reason... not minimise.

We are asking for an OPTION for that behavior. If you don't want it then don't select it...


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Quite frankly, I don't understand why this is still being discussed. As others have said, the upper right corner X is Windows standard for eXiting an application. Users clicking the X expect the application to EXIT. Clicking on the minimize button will MINIMIZE the software. MB offers users four options when choosing to minimize the application. Preferences > General > application > minimize to.

This should really be the end of the discussion.

Because many people have already proven by requesting in this thread that they want the OPTION for more minimize/close options :-)


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Out of a dozen tray apps (Syncthing, Calibre, VoIP, Torrent, every Games Store), MusicBee is the only one that doesn't close to tray, and most annoying since I open it often.
The lack of votes is a selection bias, not everyone will register on the forum to complain, or will find another app.

- It's basically a service with DLNA running in the background, a warning "Are you Sure? Yes/No" would be nice.
- Without looking, it's quicker/easier to hit the close button instead of aiming for minimize.
- It's expected, every music player has the option close to tray.
- It's impossible:

I made an AutoHotKey script for those you can't live without:

#SingleInstance Force

; Close to Minimize
Classes := "" ;
Loop, parse, Classes, `,
    GroupAdd, GroupName, ahk_class %A_LoopField%

SetTimer CheckMouse, -100

    CoordMode, Mouse, Screen
    MouseGetPos, mX, mY, WindowUnderMouse
    WinGetPos, wX, wY, wW, wH, ahk_id %WindowUnderMouse%
        CloseButton := (mY > wY and mY < wY+35 and (mX > wX + (wW-50) and mX < wX+wW))
    SetTimer CheckMouse, -100

#If (CloseButton)

        MouseGetPos,,, WindowUnderMouse
        WinGetClass, Class, ahk_id %WindowUnderMouse%
        If Class in %Classes%
            WinMinimize, ahk_id %WindowUnderMouse%

If anyone's still using this script and it's not working - you need to change the class name to the following if you're on the latest MusicBee version:
And every time it stops working it's worth a shot to check if the class name has changed and if so adjust the script accordingly.
To check the class name I've made a handy small script:
; Example to get the class of a MusicBee window
WinGetClass, class, Olivia Rodrigo - Teenage Dream - MusicBee
MsgBox The class of the MusicBee window is %class%
Change the " Olivia Rodrigo - Teenage Dream - MusicBee" part to whatever your MusicBee window's current title is and run the script to get a popup containing the program's class name.

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