Author Topic: After changing the name of the music folder MB won't link/find it  (Read 351 times)


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I figured this out but the forum won't let me delete this question, so my new question is this: What's the point creating a library when there' already one on the drive and you can simply make different playlists?!? The option or requirement of that defeats whatever usefulness it could have in whatever case (who knows, the library's already on the hard drive!)
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You can have different libraries for different purposes. For instance, classical music vs rock music. Tagging classical music is (can be) entirely different than any other genre. By having classical in its own library allows the user to tag advantage of all the additional tagging for classical works.

You can also use filters to separate different types of music, but the tagging options would be consistent across all filters.

I suggest you spend some time looking at the Wiki. And please search the forum before posting questions.
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I agree that the usefulness of multiple libraries is limited, mainly because the vast majority of settings are shared between the libraries. If you want significantly different settings for different things (such as the classical music case that phred mentioned), the best approach is probably to use two different portable installations of MusicBee.

I have two libraries in one case, both related to my backup files on an external drive: one is just for managing the backup, separate from the "active" library that is stored on the computer. The second contains both the backup and the main library files for comparison purposes.
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