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Being cover centric, here's something I always wished in my player: displaying the covers according to the 3 main vinyl formats I know of:

- 12", the standard album which would be the "full" cover/thumbnail
- 10" for some extended plays and 40's/50's albums = 83% of the standard album
- 7" for the standard single = 58% of the standard album

I never saw this feature in any player. Maybe for good reasons: most people probably wouldn't care and it may be a nightmare to code. But hey, it doesn't hurt to discuss it. ;)

Years ago, I thought I would do it manually: enlarge the canvas of my singles covers in a photo editor and save them as PNG with transparency. It worked, but when I envisioned the time I would spend on this project, I gave up. The size increase of PNG over JPG was also a deterrent at the time. It's not anymore with huge hard drives/SSDs and I could use a macro or a script to semi-automate it, but still... wouldn't it be cool if it was an option in MB?

Obviously, we're not in the vinyl age anymore and the cover dimensions are not correlated to the record's duration anymore. On CD, an album, a mini-album and a single have the same size (I still have some mini-CDs released in the 80's/90's but the format has pretty much been dead ever since). This wasn't true either before the vinyl: a 78RMP album was simply several 78RPM in a box or a binder. Nonetheless, being old and having grown with vinyl, I 'm still imprinted with this representation: the bigger the record, hence the cover, the more songs on it. ;D