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Is there any way to get MusicBee to skip songs that match a certain name or pattern? I mean skip during playback


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Not really, but why not create a playlist without those particular tracks?
The rule can be something like: <title> is not <whatever>
Bit busy of late.
I cannot frequent the forum on a regular basis like I used to - but I will be responding whenever I get the time.


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In addition to the solution Mayibongwe proposed, two more possibilities.

Let's suppose you don't want filenames containing 'foobar'.

(1) Use AutoDJ + filtering rules:

* Select the DJ tab or open it with: (New Tab) -> Playlists -> Auto DJ
* Define your source tracks
* Tick 'apply filter'
* Select 'Custom Filter...' and define your filtering rule (e.g.: Filename - does not contain - foobar)

(2) Use AutoDJ + a blacklist:

* Define an auto-playlist (say: 'Blacklist') containing ONLY all the tracks you DON'T want (e.g.: Filename - contains - foobar)
* DJ tab -> define your source tracks
* Apply filter + Custom Filter...
* Rule: Playlist - is not - Blacklist

My preferred solution is (2). Advantage: you can refine your blacklist outside the DJ tab and re-use it elsewhere.
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