Author Topic: Paste artist picture does not show  (Read 700 times)


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I am trying to paste artist pictures for incorrect artist images but every time I copy an image to my clipboard and paste the artwork does not change, even after closing the application. I can confirm that the images are copied to the clipboard because they paste in other locations but pasting them on the artist cover does not seem to replace them for me.


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Are the images being updated in your Thumbs folder? ...\MusicBee\Library\Artist Pictures\Thumb is the default location for it.

If they have been updated in that folder, then a reset of the artwork cache in MusicBee should do it I think.
If they haven't been updated in that folder as well, check if the artist pictures location specified in the Tags (1) tab of the preferences screen is pointing to the right place.
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I had this same problem. This was a solution for me: first, I open the image in the default image viewer program of my computer. Then, I copy the image within this program and finally I paste it in MusicBee without closing the image viewer program. Hope it helps!