Author Topic: What counts as a play, and what counts as a skip?  (Read 868 times)


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I have several tracks that show fewer "Plays" than I thought they would after listening to them on a loop or clicking on them to listen, and I also have some tracks that I know I skipped halfway through or something, but they show no skips at all.

So I am wondering what actions musicbee counts as each of those? And is it dependent on when the action is done while the music plays?

Is there a way to customize this functionality at all? Cause ideally; I'd like it to count every play and only count skips from the first few seconds.


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Please search the forum before posting.

A little searching would have brought you to Preferences > Now Playing > playback > skip count or play count.
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Dude; with all the due respect, i searched "what counts as a play and a skip". no relevant results came up. thanks for letting me know the answer anyways, though.