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My music library is stored on my computer at home, and I set up a server on the computer so that the phone can access the computer server at school, but I can't complete the data synchronization by MusicBee Wifi Sync because it can't specify the server IP, so I want the Android application to add the function of specifying the server IP for needn't to connect to the same wifi to sync my phone data to my computer.


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That's probably not going to happen. Steven has pretty much stopped development of the WiFi Sync plugin.

For the sync to work, the phone and the PC must be on the same network.
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There are some apps that would allow you to set up a remote file sync. I think the one I was using last before Steven's app was Resilio Sync, athough there may be something better now.
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try this plugin, though i haven't tested it with remote network (it uses "resilio sync").