Author Topic: Intercept tagging when syncing to a device?  (Read 2831 times)


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When syncing files to a device, there is built-in functionality to replace the Artist tag with Sort/Display Artist, and Genre with Genre Category.

Is there any way for a plugin to intercept the tagging during the sync and do other replacements?

I use my AsciiTools Plugin to ensure filenames are ASCII-only for devices which don't support Unicode. I like to be able to do the same with with tags, but in a way I can limit to only happen during device syncing. I.e., I want my source files to remain in Unicode, but have the device files use ASCII.

I can almost get there by forcing MP3s to be tagged with 2.3 ASCII, but then I have two problems:

1. I have to change the setting before every sync, then change it back before I edit any source files so I don't mess them up.
2. The IDS2.3 ASCII-only option leaves ? in my tags, so I'd prefer to use the ASCII Tools conversion which doesn't.