Author Topic: Play counts no longer syncing from PowerAmp  (Read 398 times)


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I'm a recent convert from Rocket Player & iTunes so not very familiar with the way MusicBee libraries are stored etc.

For a while I've been using PowerAmp with music on my phone's internal storage, and the MusicBee WiFi app was successfully updating the play counts of any music I played back into MusicBee on PC.

However a couple of weeks ago I put an SD card in my phone, and synced the music onto the card, to save space for the rest of my phone apps.

Since then, play counts won't sync back to MusicBee. For each file played, the WiFi app reports "File not matched in MusicBee. Playcount not changed".

In the settings of the WiFi sync app, I've selected "Removable SD card" as the storage for the files.

Can somebody tell me if I'm doing something wrong here? Should this work? What other settings might I need to adjust for this to happen?

Also, as a side question, where is the play count data file please? I have a little Python experience so I might be able to rescue old play counts manually, unless they've been overwritten already.