Author Topic: Is there a way to batch compress images in audio files?  (Read 637 times)


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A lot of audio files in my library have large covers (2000x2000 to 4000x4000+ resolution). I'd like to batch compress the image covers that are embedded in the audio files down to 500x500 while still retaining the link to the original large files. I like having the high-resolution images for when I'm on the "Now Playing" tab (my preset has the album cover taking up half the screen).

By "embed" and "link" I'm referring to when you choose an image for an album, you're given the following options:

1. embed the picture in the music file
2. link the picture to this music track
2b. link to the original picture file

Embedding increases the file size of the music file (since it copies the original picture directly into it), while linking doesn't increase file size. Though you can choose both at the same time. But if you only link, if you lose the library, you'd have to link every single album individually to the large images again.

The end result of what I'm asking is that my music will have reduced file sizes, but because of the link, I'll still be able to enjoy the high-resolution images in "Now Playing".

So, I'd like to rely on linking from now on since I have offsite/cloud backups of the library. There's no need to embed anymore. But there's too many albums to fix individually.

Is there a program or an option in Musicbee itself to batch compress every image in every audio file down to a specific resolution? When I search on Google, it gives me irrelevant info on compressing audio files to MP3 or images from PNG to JPG or whatever.

Course, if I'm wrong on anything I've said, I'd like to also be corrected too.

Thank you.
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Is there a program or an option in Musicbee itself to batch compress every image in every audio file down to a specific resolution?
Yes, there is an option in MusicBee to do so. But it only becomes available when performing a sync operation between your pc and a device.
In the device settings under Artwork Storage, you can tell MusicBee what resolution to embed the artwork at.

After doing the sync, you would have to retransfer (and overwrite) the device music files back to your pc originals, and then ensuring that you rescan all of them in MB afterwards.
(select all > right-click > send to > file rescan).

And all this is assuming you already have the original hi-res album covers stored somewhere else other than in the music files themselves before doing all this!
It'd be perfect if they were already stored along with your pc music files as cover.* or whatever naming syntax you've chosen for them.
But in case they aren't, then you'll first have to convert them to "organised copies" through a sync and using the "copy" options under the same Artwork Storage device settings.

All that would be left after rescanning your library is:
- going to your Preferences screen > Tags (1) > under artwork...edit list.
- choosing the naming template that your image files are stored as.
- then hitting "rescan artwork".

Try this on an album or two before working on the whole library.
And you said you have a backup of your library...which is good, in case things don't work out for whatever reason.

That's not a proper and straightforward "guide" as such, but it's how I personally would do it in MusicBee.
I'd also like to be corrected on anything I may be mistaken about in the steps I've provided (to what I think should do what you're asking).
Please also mention if there's a step you need clarity on before making an attempt.

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Why not export the high quality covers to a file (cover*. as suggested above) and then compress the embedded artwork? You can do both with mp3tag.