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I've only seen 1 or 2 posts about this feature, with the latest one being from as far back as 2018. What I would love is for Musicbee to have a 'Mulitple Queue System'.

So, let's say I shuffle a playlist and eventually stop listening to it, or want to go onto another playlist. Currently, if I were to shuffle the 2nd playlist, the initial queue will be completely overwritten and I will have lost the order & current track that was playing for the 1st playlist (I know I can go to Edit > Undo > Playing Tracks List to go back to the previous queue, but it doesn't save the song you were listening to, nor is it convienient to do). A drop down menu of saved queues could be placed above the 'Playing Tracks List' allowing the user to easily switch between different queues.

An Android app called "Musicolet" has this exact feature and I love it. I would use this so much on Musicbee and it would be great if it could be added.

Thank you.

Space Guy

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+1, this is gonna be so useful when you have a lot of playlists for different moods