Author Topic: <Track Count> and multi disc albums (accessing <Album Complete?> data)  (Read 451 times)


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I have a script that I swear was working correctly at some point but it appears I have broken it and I am not sure how to fix it. I have the below script embedded in a larger custom tag:

$If(<Album Complete?>="Y",<Album Track Count>,<Album Track Count>/<Track Count>) Tracks

the goal of the tag:
- If the album is complete (ie all tracks are accounted for) it should display something like "31 Tracks": <total number of album tracks available> Tracks
- If the album is NOT complete (ie there are more or less tracks than expected) it should display something like "30/31 Tracks": <total number of album tracks available>/<total number of album tracks expected> Tracks

The problem seems to lie in: <Album Track Count>/<Track Count>

The <Track Count> does not give me the total expected track count of multi-disc albums. It only seems to account for the first disc.

So If I have a 2 disc set where the first discs looks like this:
and the second like this:

"31 Tracks" is displayed

But if i delete one of the disc 2 tracks i get: "30/16 Tracks"

ie only the TRACKTOTAL of DISCNUMBER=1 is accounted for...

Long story short - I am trying to display the <expected track count> that <Album Complete?> is using to determine if a album is complete or not and <Track Count> doesn't appear to be it...

Hopefully I have explained that clearly enough. Any thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.


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the <Track Count> value will be whatever you tagged the files with and <Album Track Count> will be the number of files in the same album where an album is defined in Preferences/ Sorting and Grouping


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Thanks Steven. Is there an exposed value that gives you what <Album Complete?> is comparing <Album Track Count> too? I'm guessing there is a calculation that compares <Album Track Count> to the total of each disc's <Track Count>? or something similar? In other words - I would like to be able to access the numbers <Album Complete?> is using to determine if an album is complete.