Author Topic: Linux - 2022 MusicBee through SteamProton best method  (Read 695 times)


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1. Install steam. For Arch it is sudo pacman -S steam
2. Download the Portable version of MusicBee
3. Sign into Steam
4. Goto Games > Add a Non-Steam Game...
5. Pick MusicBee Portable and install it to your preferred folder
6. Remove the MusicBee entry steam had created when you picked the installer
7. Repeat step 4 but this time pick MusicBee.exe
8. Goto Steam Settings > Steam Play and pick "Proton Experimental"
9. If you want to add a mounted network device for MusicBee, add "STEAM_COMPAT_MOUNTS=/yourfolder/ %command%" into the Launch options under Properties>Shortcut of MusicBee
10. Profit.

This is also great sound quality and it doesnt lag at all.

I run it on i3, and with the small exception of a cut-off top menu, I'm super happy :) I could fix it by just placing the window title somewhere else. But thats so minor.


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This is interesting, though a bit bloat-y of a solution since it requires you to install Steam (but who doesn't use steam nowadays?)

I'll try to explore other options that doesn't fully require Steam when I get the time. I see alternatives such as proton-caller (, wine-ge fork (, bottles, lutris.

It'd be great if someone else is able to test alternatives. Otherwise, I'll edit this comment and report back as soon I'm able to get the time to test them.

Thank you for this information dude.