Author Topic: "Add silence to end of each track" not working for Windows Store edition  (Read 1879 times)


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In the Windows Store edition of MusicBee, under Preferences > Player > Sound Effects, the option to add silence to the end of each track does not seem to work; no silence is added in my case. I tested on three computers with fresh installs of the program. I also tested this option in the portable edition of MusicBee, and the silence was added as expected. Both versions are 3.4.8033. Furthermore, I tested on an old version of the installer edition which also worked as expected.
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The store version is the same code-base as all the other types of releases. There was a bug in all v3.4 versions where if the sample rate or channel count changed between tracks, the silence wasnt added.
That should be fixed in v3.5 available from the first forum topic


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MusicBee 3.5.8447 - installer edition

Adding silence to the end of each song does not work correctly. When you force go to the end of the song, it adds silence but not at the set time. If you listen normally without interruption, it doesn't add any silence at the end of each song. Or adds a random value to a random track.


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I have the same version of MusicBee and I can't get the "ADD SILENCE TO THE END OF TRACK" to work either. I got the INSTALLER VERSION from the MB website download link.
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