Author Topic: Difference between No stars and Not Rated in metadata  (Read 343 times)


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The difference is of course quite obvious within MB, but I'm sorta "scared" to rate tracks with 0 stars because I'm not sure if there is a distinction outside of MB (in other words, within the tags).

For example, in File Explorer, both a track with 0 stars (i.e. one I hated) and an unrated track (i.e. one I could potentially love) look the same (I even tried sorting by the rating, and the only track I rated 0 ended up somewhere in the middle).
Other software may behave similarly, unless this is somehow standardized (maybe it is?).

So for portability's sake, should I avoid the "No stars" rating and rate the tracks I disliked the most with .5, or even 1 star instead (seeing how e.g. File Explorer doesn't display half-ratings)?