Author Topic: Theater Mode Documentation or Source Code?  (Read 2664 times)

Carlitos Lechuga

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I recently discovered that you can edit some Plugins for Theater Mode, but reverse engineering can get me so far without knowing the automatic BackgroundAlbumCover method for deciding what crop to use, how the song list, that can scroll, sorts songs (It seems random) and among other things.

The source code should be "mb_TheaterModePlugin.dll", right? I don't know how to open or edit that file yet, my sorcery level is not that high, but I do wanna tweak up and know what I can use to make a Theme to my liking, this is what I have so far. I used elThirtie's Fusion as a base.


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*.dll files are not something that can be edited, nor do they contain any source code for a Theatre Mode. Theatre Mode files are plain text files with an .xml extension and are edited with a text editor such as Notepad++. If you have a Theatre Mode installed, go to your MusicBee installation directory > Plugins > TheatreMode.List and you'll see the .xml file(s). Make a copy of the one you want to use as a baseline and work on that, giving it a new filename. Do not work on the original.

Further questions/discussion about creating/editing Theatre Mode should be posted in the Support > Developers' Area > TheatreMode. I have moved your original post over there.
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