Author Topic: Only one playlist file is syncing to Android/S20  (Read 1627 times)


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Hi there, I've spent some time trying to get my phone and music library to play along, and have reached a sticking point.

When I sync my music to my phone, MB appears to successfully sync all four of my playlists. However, when I check my phone files, only the file for the first of my playlists alphabetically appears. This file is exactly in the location MB says it is saving the playlists, but the others do not appear. I have tried both m3u and m3u8 formats. Is there anything else I should try?

create a sub-folder and use relative file paths are both unchecked in my settings.



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Exact same issue, except it's just one out of the four i sync that shows up.
The content of all four palylist does got synced properly however, but only one of the four m3u/m3u actually does end up on my device (mine is a POCO X4 Pro).

Astro Gaze

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Hey there,

Are you verifying that the playlists are missing through the music player, or file explorer?