Author Topic: is it possible to tag an entire folder instead of each track ?  (Read 381 times)


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I have my music files organiser by directory structure and I really need to categorize files by folder so they all go to the same list or get tagged the same way. Sending them to playlists or tagging them one by one seems unpractical. I tried also sort by album and grioup by artist, but some music files I want to have in the same list don't have the same album aritists.
I have for example, a large folder of music with a common theme that I want to be able to browse at once in MB.


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With the exception of the track title and the track and disk numbers, you can select an entire album and enter the other information.

If there are a number of albums by the same artist in one folder, you can do the same except not enter the track title or album title.
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