Author Topic: Moving Playlists Used As Playlist Mixer Track Sources Breaks Mixer  (Read 557 times)


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I ran across a problem tonight that seems like unintended behavior.

Steps I took when I noticed:
1. Have playlists
2. Create and save a Playlist mixer using playlists (rather than "music library") as the "music track source" in the criteria.  These were auto-playlists, but I don't think that makes a difference.
3. Create a playlist folder in MB
4. Move the source playlist(s) used in your mixer into the playlist folder from within MB
5. Look at Mixer's settings again.  In each criterion you created using the playlist as a source, the source will *show* as Music Library.  It doesn't seem to *use* Music Library, though, because nothing from the criterion shows up in the mixer.

To clarify 5, say the original criterion is "Artist starts with * from {Playlist}" with a number of 250. After moving {Playlist}, "Music Library" is listed as the source for the criterion. If it was actually being used as a source, the entire library should match, and 250 library tracks should be in the mixer, but instead none from this criterion are in the mixer as the mixer now has 250 fewer tracks than it should.

I feel like the expected behavior would be that a playlist selected as a "music track source" would be followed if it is moved within MusicBee.
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