Author Topic: Have I lost my MB ratings forever?  (Read 163 times)


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Three problems:
First, I opened MB to update some ratings (I rate songs as either 5 stars or 1 star as I listen on GMM and manually change the ratings on MB by adding the 5 stars and entirely deleting the songs with 1 star: which means that on GMM I have songs with either 5 stars or no stars ).

I'd done nothing with my computer or MB but when I opened it I found that only my 5 star songs show up.  I have all of the songs backed up on a thumb drive that I sync all of the songs now and then.  I popped it in and all of the music now appeared in my library.  WHEW.  But, no ...  I then realized, after playing a couple of test songs with no stars, that the library indeed appears to have all the songs, but the no star songs are only on the thumb drive.  In other words I still don't have those unrated songs showing up in MB via my hard drive.  Yikes. Where are they?  

Second, I know the files are available on the hard drive and the thumbdrive, and on my android phone, but if I just give up the current situation, is there a way to load the songs via the thumbdrive or phone and keep the ratings intact?  THAT is my biggest worry, as I have been curating my library for some years now.

And third, I now have a red x appearing beside songs in the library that were found on the thumbdrive.  Assuming, with your help, I "find" those lost unrated songs via MB on my hard drive, can I remove those x's somehow?