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While investigating an issue I realise there is something I have been overlooking. The Playing Tracks list is saved per library but I realise now that switching libraries doesnt actually load the Playing Tracks list for that library ie. it preserves the list from the old library and then overwrites the new library playing tracks list when exiting MB.
My question is, for those of you with multiple libraries, do you agree it should load and maintain a playing tracks list per library? So that means when switching libraries a new playing track list loads. I guess that would mean playback should stop and the current track set to the last played for the new library?

Interested to hear any views people might have on this
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I don't use multiple libraries (that's why you introduced filters, IMO) but it makes sense for each library to have its own Playlist Tracks list.
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i'm using 2 libraries: 1 for listening music and 1 for testing my plugins. it's desirable for me to have now playing/upcoming track lists completely separated for every library,  but my usage of libraries is very specific.

Astro Gaze

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Hi Steven,

I use 2 libraries. I've noticed that with Now Playing > Upcoming Tracks. I like it.
I always saw it as a feature that kept the Now Playing Window separate from whatever library is selected. It allows me to listen from one library while working on tags in the other. I can also listen to a track in one library, switch to the other, and finish the track or switch to the new library's track, seamlessly, at my discretion. Instead of being cutoff by the second library's loading and having to sit through silence until I find my next track.
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(I just thought of this and confirmed it works)
Also, you can have a song playing in Library 1, switch to Library 2, right click a song > Queue Next, and it adds as the next track in Now Playing. Very nice!

The downside is, no matter which Queue option you choose (Queue Next, Queue Last, Queue Album Next, Queue Album Last) after the queue Upcoming Tracks resumes tracks from that first library.

If you wanted to add something, you could include a "Queue From Here" to the Play More List.

This would facilitate a smooth transition from one library into a specific spot of another library. Then, at the end of your queue, Upcoming Tracks would continue playing on from that second library.
It could also be useful for transitioning between playlists.


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It doesn't seem right from a UX perspective that changing the library would interrupt any current playback.
I think that's something that should always be explicitly requested by the user via the usual methods.

Also, this:

I always saw it as a feature that kept the Now Playing Window separate from whatever library is selected. It allows me to listen from one library while working on tags in the other.
I can see how it would confuse and/or annoy some people if the Playing Tracks were tied to the selected Library.
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Personally I believe the 'Now Playing' should be library-specific.
If i'm switching from music to TV series, it doesn't make sense for me to have the 'Now Playing' still based on the previous library.
If I wanted to create a playlist combining both media types, then I'd use a single library. Anything else is just confusing to me.
I also store some of my libraries on removable media. Having 'now playing' being across libraries could cause some issues when the media isn't present.

Plus in my case I found the 'now playing' data was being written to the wrong library file which is just weird.


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I noticed that when I had auto-dj running and switched libraries, it kept the tracks already loaded but started pulling new tracks from the new library. But if auto-dj settings are per library (which they should be), then that might need a closer look.
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