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Hi. Firstly I love MusicBee. I've tried pretty much everything music player/library available and found nothing that could handle large music libraries very well, beyond iTunes. Which was and is a bloated, memory beast.

I've only one issue with MusicBee and that is that it doesn't write, or can't write AIFF tags. I DJ and in order to play lossless files on CDJ players you have to use AIFF, and there needs to be the ability to write tags. I've had to use Mp3Tag in addition to MusicBee when I change any tags, like genre, adding a record name to the Publisher tag etc.

Are there any plans to fix/address this with MusicBee soon? I would have assumed that if the program can read/play AIFF files it should be able to write/save tags to those same files, like it can with FLAC or MP3.

Many thanks for making such a great program



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write support for AIFF files is included in the next v3.5 update
unzip and replace the existing musicbee application files
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