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Hey guys,

do you if it's possible to filter out all files "not found"?
I accidentally deleted some music :(. It's so horrible. But I have to know which one I deleted. I don't want to scroll down my whole library.


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Tools > Locate Missing Files... should have a list of all your missing files.
Also have a look at your computer's Recycle Bin to see if you can still restore them.
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Perfect, that's what I was looking for. Thank You :).
Saddly they are 100% gone. I learned IT and I "deleted" them with a program called FreeFileSync. I wanted to sync my PC with my mobile. But I did it the opposite way so my PC got the music from the mobile.... <.<


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I use FreeFileSync and I think it sends things to the recycle bin by default. Any chance your files are there?
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