Author Topic: Request for including Apple Music to be in sync  (Read 82 times)


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Hi, I would like to request for the software to include apple music sync and playback because the existing itunes / android app does not allow bit perfect playback via its native app / website so it renders useless playback quality.

Hope to hear from you again, Thank you.


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Welcome to the forum calvinyjj

If you do a forum search you will find that efforts to support Apple products are pretty much a waste of time, and that MusicBee is not doing that.
(well, not anymore, there have been efforts in the past)

Apple loves to protect their own eco-system (I think maybe they love money too), so they are not sharing much (if any) information on e.g. protocols they are using.
And when someone clever finds a way to make things work anyway, Apple will do their best to find a way to break that functionality again.
(yeah, lovely people, lovely company)

Your only hope would be somebody creating a plugin for MusicBee for this.
But it's not something the sole developer of MusicBee should be expected of to waste any of his time on.

Perhaps give MediaMonkey a try?
MediaMonkey is a commercial product (quite nice, and feature-wise very similar to MusicBee) with a paid staff that I believe is advertising being able to synchronise with iStuff.
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