Author Topic: Cannot find the option to read cue files (sheets) instead of single FLAC file  (Read 1190 times)


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Hi, there is no display of the tracks when I click on an album that is made of FLAC+cue, only the flac seems to be detected, I've been searching to enable this basic function since almost one hour: to be able to read the song files from the cue sheet.
How do I do that please?

Another question please
How do I make Musicbee be able to see cyrillic letters

Problem for both of my questions are showned in the picture I attached here


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CUE sheets should just work automatically. If it isn't working there might be something wrong with the one you're using.
Is it an external CUE file, or saved as a tag in the FLAC file?

MusicBee supports ISO characters, but they also need to be present in the font you're using.
If those extended characters aren't present MusicBee can't help with that.
However, it does look like you're using a standard Windows font so it might be something else.
Screenshots of the tag values might help to rule out some other possibilities.
Bee excellent to each other...


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The Cyrillic and Greek alphabets are included in the following standard Windows 10 fonts :

Comic Sans MS
Courier New
Franklin Gothic
Lucida Console
Lucida Sans Unicode
Microsoft Jhenghei / Microsoft Jhenghei UI
Microsoft Sans Serif
Microsoft YaHei / Microsoft YaHei UI
Palatino Linotype
Segoe Print
Segoe Script
Segoe UI
Sitka ... (Display / Small / Text / Heading / SubHeading / Banner)
Times New Roman
Trebuchet MS
Yu Gothic / Yu Gothic UI

vincent kars

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Most of the time if a single file + cue is displayed as a single file it is because the cue has a different value for FILE

FILE "Music for two Organs from the 18th-19th Centuries.flac" WAVE

Check if the part between "" is exactly like the filename.ext in Win explorer.
Or cut Music for two Organs from the 18th-19th Centuries.flac and paste it in the win explorer search box.


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Oh I see I had 2 folders from the same album, one in MP3 and one in FLAC
Thank you very much
For the other issues I had in my post I will investigate more!
Thank you for the answers😁