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There is something about playlists that I am just not getting.

Right clicking on a playlist, I can choose playlist settings and set that list to either use the default or custom fields. As it seems to work, with custom fields, the list's column arrangement is fixed for that list and do not change when column settings for other lists or nodes are changed. But when I duplicate that list, the duped version reverts to the default, which doesn't really seem like "duplication." That might not be a problem, but I'm unable to locate any way to either set the "default" that's being used, or to copy the settings from one list to another. So I end up constantly having to set and sometimes reset the same column  configuration. I'm pretty sure this is not the way it's supposed to work, but I can't figure out what I am either doing wrong, or what it is I am not understanding (which amount to the same things.)

This is related to to a question I asked about a week ago that never got a reply. There too, it seems like what I'm trying to do would be very common and easy to do and a basic function of the program.

I've looked in the wiki and have searched the forum for both of these things, but somehow I'm not finding what seems like should be really basic info.

So I'm really hoping someone can shed some light on this.


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I read your post a couple of times but I don't think I still have a total understanding of it.
Have a look at Bee-liever's reply linked below to see if what's mentioned there may perhaps be relevant to what you want to achieve:
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I don't know about the underlying duplication issue (I agree, it seems like the settings should transfer) but as a workaround, you can set a custom view to apply to use as needed.
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