Author Topic: Cyrillic letters (Windows correct, Musicbee not correct)  (Read 84 times)


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I have the files in windows showned correctly, I see the words in cyrillic but in MB they are not written correctly, they are "weird symbols"  = Áðàòå ñëàâÿíå
What can I do please
After tens of hours of searching and still very puzzeled (foobar user)
Pardon me if an question has already been adressed in this forum

Got 90TB of music / I use computer view (tree structure)  for now
because "Genre" tags are 50% of the time wrong. And browse for folders marked by me as genres is faster


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If you mean how they are displayed in the MB library, be sure the tags are either ID3v2.3 with UTF-16 encoding, or ID3.v2.4 with UTF-8.  ID3v1 tags do not support unicode.  It might be easier to do this (check/change the tag encoding) using a tagging tool like Mp3Tag or TagScanner, and re-scan them in MusicBee afterwards.