Author Topic: So how big is your music library?  (Read 94363 times)


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Around 5500 curated tracks (55GB), no albums or collections.

I keep it as small as possible by regularly deleting tracks which are not great, when in doubt I try to remember that the music should convince me not the other way around. It's not only about having great tracks but keeping focus on them by weeding out the mediocre ones. Music is categorized into subgenres, then tagged for energy level and mood. This way in the worst case I could dj without listening. It's easy to get attached to music files however ask yourself if you are actually making a collection which is closely representative of your taste or doing something else.
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  • There is a song for every feeling and moment...

My MusicBee stats list:
11,521 tracks
906 albums
This does not include my multi-channel hi-res albums as they are not in my MusicBee Library as they take up unnecessary space on my laptop (2x 2TiB M.2 SSDs).

I have been using MusicBee for years but of late I have noticed issues with some of the source files getting corrupted.  Most of the size of my music is taken up by hi-res digital files up to DSD256 & PCM 24bit 384kHz resolution (CD's are 16bit 44.1kHz) including multi-channel digital tracks so some of the longer stereo (6 - 7mins) songs are over 1.5GiB each in size. Some multi-channel songs are over twice that size or more each & my DSD512 songs are large.

What I have noticed when sync'n files to devices such as DAP (digital audio player), phones, USB sticks etc. that from the source music library some files either zero out or corrupted (small file sizes of a few kb) & are no longer playable and will not sync to the device.

Fortunately, I have a full backups on 2x 2TiB SSD drives that have my files for playback via a Lumin T2 (when not using Roon to output to) Network Player or the Reavon UBR-X200 universal disc player for the multi-channel digital music. SO i can copy them back.

Has anyone else with large wav, flac or dsf file sizes or a large library have this issue? I believe it is a MusicBee issue but have not switched to any other hi-res player to determine if the issue goes away or not.

Not sure if it is a bug or something else. Some of the sites I purchase this music from (HDTracks) do not allow full access to all of my purchased files via downloads, so if I accidentally overwrite any files on the SSD with a corrupted source file I will have to buy the album again or have another SSD or storage purely for backup.