Author Topic: Windows 11/ update KB5013943 causes MusicBee to no longer run  (Read 2331 times)


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Any windows 11 users, applying update KB5013943 causes MusicBee to fail to start.
For myself I uninstalled that update.
I gather its something to do with the update removing .NET 3.5, so you could also re-install .NET 3.5
I don't know why that would affect MusicBee as its been using .NET4.6.1 for ages and recently .NET4.8

found this article which might be helpful
which refers to
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I checked and I have that update yet my MB never stopped working ...
In fact, I have ALL the updates current to today ... Still hummin' along THANK GOD.
I absolutely LOVE this Program !!!
Thank You so much for it .