Author Topic: Source files for podcast episodes goes missing every time I restart MusicBee.  (Read 262 times)


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Hello. Whenever I re-start MusicBee, the source file for each of my podcast episodes goes missing again.  Even if I manually locate it the file, upon restart, it again goes missing.  How can I resolve this?  

Here is more background.  I recently migrated my entire MusicBee installation from one computer to another, including many podcasts.  After I did so, I opened the podcasts section to see that each MusicBee could could not find the source file for any podcast episodes in the list (screenshot).  If I open Tools-->Locate Missing Files, I can see that all the episodes in-question are in the list of files that need to be located (screenshot).  If I click Start Auto-Match it works for a few seconds, but in the end does not locate any files.  If I manually locate the first file, then MusicBee then is able to automatically locate the remaining files in the list (screenshot).  And when I click 'Proceed,' all podcast episodes are now found and displaying as expected, even with the meta-data I added to each (e.g. rating).  And when I play one of the episodes, the correct audio file plays.  The problem is, when I close MusicBee and re-open it, all the podcast episode source files go missing again, and I'm back to where I started (screenshot).