Author Topic: Searching for files with identical names, different extensions  (Read 380 times)


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Is there a way to filter a collection for files with identical filenames but different extensions? I would like to easily find files that have been converted between formats where only the extension differs. A variation of a find duplicate tool. I'm not seeing quite how to do that either. I've looked at the MB wiki for "duplicates" but it says ask here.


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I'm not sure I follow. Have you tried the find duplicates function?

Right now I have two separate albums, one in flac and one in mp3. Using find duplicates will show two tracks side by side that have the same but different extensions. All on default settings. Were you looking for something a bit different?


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I hope there is no conflict for what I am going to comment... if so, I ask you to tell me and an administrator to delete the comment.

I use the "Similarity" program to clean my library of duplicate files, leaving only those that maintain the best quality, it seems to me that there is a free version, it may be what you need.