Author Topic: Auto-updater?  (Read 3360 times)


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i know this is a no-brainer, and you've no doubt thought of it, but I guess I'm more curious as to why it hasn't been implemented yet. It would be really useful, especially considering the impressively rapid speed you update things and add features.


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i did make an attempt at this for the internal browser part of musicbee but its much harder to do than you probably think and all sorts of things can go wrong that need to be handled. In the end i decided to abandon the idea as i couldnt get it working for everyone.


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Steven, maybe you could use exactly the same update-scheme/module as Mozilla uses with their products (FF, TB, etc.).

I'd be a huge improvement :)


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(Yes, I know this is old)

I, too, would like some sort of auto-update feature, a la Firefox (if possible).