Author Topic: Minor alignment issue when using the A-Z jump bar  (Read 576 times)


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If you use album art view and you use the mouse wheel to scroll through your collection, MusicBee scrolls down/up one full row of albums at a time, so the top of the artwork of the top row is always aligned with the top of the screen. A feature I really like, as it means you never have the top row only partially displayed/cut off.

However, if you use the A-Z jump bar to jump to artists starting with a particular letter, it doesn't quite align properly, as you can see here: -

And also here: -

To me, the expected behaviour would be for using the A-Z jump bar to exactly mimic manually scrolling, in terms of the position of things on the screen, but it's a few pixels out.

I know this is nitpicking, lol, but it's just something I notice quite often when using the program.