Author Topic: Best Sound Device Settings for Stability?  (Read 2211 times)


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Would someone kindly enlighten me as to the different choices for sound driver settings? 
My choices are DirectSound and WASAPI (I understand the difference between shared and exclusive).  Then, I can select the Primary Sound Driver or the Speakers directly (maybe like direct access to the speakers?  without going through Windows?).  Also, with DirectSound I have a checkbox for 32 bit sound (I assume WASAPI forces 64 bit sound?)
Which choices are probably best?  I have a couple apps that sometimes, when I start them, MB closes and one app that ALWAYS sends MB packing (the GeForce Experience app that checks for game and driver updates).  It's not a big problem but it just got me thinking that I would like to understand a little more about the audio settings.

FWIW, at home, on my desktop, I have an ASIO audio interface and don't recall ever having MB quit on me.  Now, I am away from home on a laptop and MB has quit on me a few times while opening some things.
Thanks for any help.


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Your best bet is either Wasapi-Exclusive or ASIO, because both bypass the Windows Mixer and pass the source file's sample rate/bit depth/bitrate as-is to your device drivers.  DirectSound is a deprecated option from yore, useful for some DSP techniques, and always manipulated in the Windows Mixer to some extent.

Be sure you are running the latest version of MusicBee, and IMHO apply the latest updates of the relevant BASS audio libraries from the website.  Also whitelist all of MusicBee's folders in whatever antivirus you may be using.

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