Author Topic: Miniplayer, button to turn intelligent volume control on/off  (Read 1296 times)


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When evaluating music material and its maximum level above 0dBFS (OVR's) with RME DIGIcheck Totalyser and EBU R 128 meters, as well as the correctness of  replay gain tag being used for a song, I would like to have the ability to quickly enable and disable intelligent volume adjustment in the miniplayer.

Since I only have Full-HD monitor/resolution and the DIGIcheck windows already take up quite a bit of space, it would be very helpful here to not have to keep opening the MusikBee all the way, which would also be more click work.

Maybe this additional button could be made customizable, so that one or the other can customize this according to his demand.


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In the meantime, you can assign keyboard shortcuts to the different Replay Gain modes which will save you some clicking.

Edit > Preferences > Hotkeys > Player: Replay Gain ...
Bee excellent to each other...


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Thanks. I tried that, but it doesn't work really satisfactory if you want to toggle between "off" and "smart".

A few observations:
1. There is one function that enables "replay gain smart", but doesn't support toggle to also disable it, it simply activates it and it stays on.
2. When using "Toggle volume adjustment" (de: Wiedergabe Lautstärkeanpassung umschalten) I am toggling between all possible modes.
3. Once turned off, then it needs three more keypresses to turn "replay gain smart" back on.
4. Additionally it's easy to loose the overview, in which replay gain mode you are, especially when the replay gain values are low.
    I would wish additionally for an indicator, which replay gain tag is in use, if enabled: intelligent | title | album.

Many thanks though for your kind suggestion.