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for the Milkdrop visualiser see this topic

for other Winamp visualisers do the following:
- get the latest beta from the weekly downloads topic (you need 1.2.4051 or above)
- if not already installed, install the winamp visualiser
- from the Plugins folder where winamp is installed, copy the following to the Plugins folder where MusicBee is installed:
  - the visualiser dll which will be named vis_xxxx.dll eg. vis_MojoMaster.dll
  - the settings folder for the visualiser which will be specific to the visualiser eg. the MojoMasterMedia folder for vis_MojoMaster.dll

then restart musicbee and you should see the visualiser from the selection list in View/ Show Visualisers

*** note that some winamp visualisers will not work with MusicBee in full screen mode and can cause Blue Screen failures ***
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