Author Topic: Where do you buy music online?  (Read 2355 times)


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I used to buy a lot on Google Play back when you could purchase music there. Afterwards, went with iTunes for a little while.

Right now I purchase my music on 7digital, really easy for me since it works with paypal.

Edit - One thing I really enjoy from 7digital is that a lot of the time you have the option to get your albums in either mp3, m4a or FLAC.
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Only buy occasional CDs, mostly from or through Amazon, though last purchase was from a "publisher". May not be what you meant by buying music online.


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I get my music from various places. Down to personal preferences but since I love Touhou Project and it's associated arrange circles, I get a lot of my stuff from , both physical releases, and digital. Bandcamp is also a good source of music. And then I also use as well. I did use eruce for a very short term because I am not entirely sure how legit it is. Most of what they sell appears to be CD quality rips.


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I bought a bunch of stuff through Qobuz over the summer, because they had the best price for the artist I wanted. Lots of download options, although I just went for 320 MP3.
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Lots of download options...
One of the things I always find curious about Qobuz is that when you click on the "Download my music (.TAR)" button, it always comes back with the disclaimer "Qobuz no longer offers the option to download in ZIP archive file format"... and my first response is "Why?"  Last I checked, .ZIP wasn't proprietary, doesn't have any (significant) security risks relevant to music files, and would probably be more reassuring to pedestrian web-users who would have at least heard of .ZIP files, while I'd bet most have never heard of .TAR and would be more doubtful about it.

I imagine that Qobuz is just trying to funnel more people into using their own download-helper/streamer thing for some reason.   ???

If possible I try to purchase everything through Bandcamp, though I dislike how it's being co-opted by labels now... ECM, for example, has a storefront there... which is fair enough I suppose, except you can bet the "artists" aren't seeing much of that %85 that ECM et al are.  Pity.  ECM as a label was worth supporting (just as an entity itself) 20-30 years ago... but now, not so much.  I imagine Manfred Eicher isn't as hands-on as he used to be.